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Every year hundreds of thousands of people are injured or killed in automobile accidents. It is important that injured people have good legal representation because this area of the law is very complex. I have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accidents cases over the years, and I will be glad to put my experience to work for you.

Auto accident cases are complex because there are so many issues. One of first issues is determining who caused the accident. Often the answer is clear and can be determined from reviewing the accident report and witness statements. Other times is not clear at all and accident reconstruction experts are needed to evaluate the evidence and determine things like speed, direction, visibility, reaction time and so on in order to form an opinion about how the accident occurred.

Often issues arise about what injuries were caused by the accident and what injuries were pre-existing. Questions about the permanence of an injury or the extent to which that injury has caused disability arise.

Another complex area involves coverage issues. If the at-fault driver has sufficient coverage and his liability is clear this is not a problem. But, Ohio only requires drivers to carry $12,500 of coverage for any individual injured in an accident, and $25,000 of coverage for all damages caused by an accident. Many drivers only have the state minimum amount of insurance (many drivers have no insurance at all). $25,000 is not enough to cover the average new car these days, let alone the injuries suffered by the people in the accident. If you face this problem you will need an attorney experienced in dealing with uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.

Valuing a case is another area where there is no substitute for experience. Every case is different and it takes a great deal of research and experience to properly evaluate an injury claim. Beware of any attorney who will give you an opinion of the value of your case without seeing all the medical records, the accident report and all other pertinent information first. He is probably giving you an unrealistic number just to get your case. That will cause you problems later in the case.

Preparation is the key to getting a good settlement or winning a case at trial. That is why I prepare every auto accident case thoroughly. I want your business. I also want you to be so pleased with my representation that you recommend me to others. And I never want it to be said that I wasn't properly prepared. Those thoughts never leave my mind when I am preparing an auto accident case. Proper preparation and documentation causes cases to settle earlier and for more money. That is my goal in every case. Contact me for a free consultation about your case.

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