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Dog bites are a very common and sometimes very serious injury. Each year about 5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs. About 1000 per day are treated in emergency rooms for dog bites. Losses resulting from dog bites amount to over a billion dollars, and homeowner's insurance policies pay about $350 million each year in damages for dog bites.

In Ohio, dog owners are strictly liable for the injuries their dogs cause. It is not necessary to prove that the dog bit before or that the dog was not properly trained or handled.

If you are bitten by a dog you should make every effort to identify the dog and its owner. Testing the dog can eliminate the need for you to get rabies shots. The owner would be responsible for the cost of your medical treatment and other losses. If the dog's owner has homeowner's insurance your losses would be covered under that insurance. Some renter's policies also provide coverage when the insured's dog bites. Ohio requires the owners of certain breeds of dogs like pit bulls to have insurance on their dog.

Be sure to get the names and contact information for anyone who witnessed the dog biting you. Also, take pictures of your injuries before they heal, and keep a diary of how the dog bite affects you and your daily routines.

Dog bite victims are entitled to recover their medical expenses, wages lost if they were unable to work, mileage expenses, pain and suffering, and for permanent scarring or disfigurement. If you are the victim of a dog bite, call me to discuss your case.

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